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Podcast: Sonic TALK139 - Island Life/Is that Organ Real?
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Once again, really entertaining podcast! Liked the bit about Tara Busch's new album, must really take a look at her music more. I really liked her vocals in that song you played, a bit Kate Bush-ey.

23-Jul-09 03:53 PM

Greg66666    Said...

better even than the "mouse fart" comment at the beginning of the tracks is the comment at the end on a couple of tracks where the engineer or Bowie says "Right, bloody nice take, that. Really nice. If anybody wants. . . " and then it cuts off. A million fake dollars to anybody who completes the sentence with the best ending.

24-Jul-09 12:19 AM

Dave    Said...

tars busch - spring Worked for my purchase of her - spring. Hope the flu goes away Mark.

24-Jul-09 05:36 PM

Tara not tars( autocomplete)    Said...

24-Jul-09 05:39 PM

hiltonius    Said...

i hereby promise never to use that headset for a podcast EVER AGAIN. i'm so ashamed

31-Jul-09 07:46 AM

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