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Virtual Harpsichord
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mystic radio    Said...

i mean REALLY who uses a harpsichord in recording these days.... once if ever. and this one sounds like it was quantized on a commodore 64

20-Jul-09 09:21 AM

Ted    Said...

Sounds like a pair of monophonic sample playback synths? Low notes sound OK, higher notes sound very strange with a mushy envelope going on.

I love the h-chord but this one sounds (or perhaps is just being fed some poorly programmed general MIDI) plastic.

20-Jul-09 10:04 AM

Scarlatti    Said...

It does sound like Youtube may have worked it;s audio magic on this one. But I agree, not big on the subtleties. Where's the key off sound? The dainty pluck of the string etc.

21-Jul-09 05:07 AM

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