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SNAMM09: Akai Mini Controllers: The Official Word
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Yann Donnelly    Said...

What's up with Korg and Akai copying each other's products?? First KorgControl & MPK, then MPC & PadControl, now the Nano series & LP series! (Not complaining about the LPK though, they sure beat Korg there...)

17-Jul-09 10:14 AM

jessej    Said...

Copying or not, I think it's good with competition, both for quality and price.. This Akai model with both pads and some knobs sure would be handy.. the nano series doesn't have one featured like it, and I think it's a very welcome addition.

17-Jul-09 01:50 PM


Considering the normal amount of time it takes to produce a product Akai may have been working on there's before Korg released the Nano series.

Anyways, both are making good things and making them different enough that the consumer ends up winning with both more choices and competition to keep the price down. MPDs have more knobby goodness and are a bit heavier build, the PadControl gives an x/y pad. Korg Nanos are a bit thinner and (I assume) more afforable, while the Akai will give some added quality (I hope) and features.

This is a really good example of companies doing it right: they saw a hole in the market, filled it with a good product (for all their flaws, nanos give you A LOT for the price, and there isn't anything like it), and are giving the consumer some options.

17-Jul-09 03:44 PM

qurare    Said...

it's cool to have all this and that news from here actually. And what about a nice review on this from Sonic State guys too, not only Akai press release with the details in their own words?

18-Jul-09 06:45 AM

Nick B    Said...

Well, a review will probably come along in good time, but they only just announced them - I spect we'll have to wait a while till they have them for us to get our hands on

20-Jul-09 09:42 AM

sickVisionz    Said...

If my Nanokey breaks, i'd probably replace it with the Akai unit.

The pads are kinda meh to me though. You get less pads than the Nanopad. The knobs are cool but if you buy this and the keyboard, you could've purchased the mixer version of the Nano series that looks like it offers a bit more for no extra price.

10-Oct-09 03:28 PM

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