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Podcast: Sonic TALK137 - I'm Down With the Cloud
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bartal    Said...

I guess the links for NI, Moby and 8-track story should be:

09-Jul-09 07:24 AM

Nick B    Said...

Godd damn! This new CMS editor messes with my HTML, thanks!

09-Jul-09 07:40 AM

Dan A    Said...

Wiki has a good article on 8-Tracks:

I remember them well. The cheap car players, which my friends and I always had, double tracked, played slightly slow or fast, and would eat tape (the tape would get wadded inside the player instead of returning to the cartridge.) Still, Hendrix, CCR, etc, provide the background music for much of my misspent youth.

09-Jul-09 09:55 AM

David    Said...

Attn : Dave S.

Speaking of capability testing .... Have you had any luck with The g-force instruments in OSX 10.6 ?

09-Jul-09 05:31 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Nice podcast again! Don't take too long of with the holidays, the podcast has really become part of my weekly routine. Maybe one of the others would take over?

10-Jul-09 02:39 AM


none of the linke work nick... booo hoo...

10-Jul-09 11:15 AM

radar23    Said...

funny things is.. my wifes claim to fame is telling Mobey he can not have dinner at her resturart cause the kitchen was cloesd..... In Lgasgow at that time it was the on;y vegan joint to eat at.. he was not happy... Mopey go home we said.... :)

10-Jul-09 11:17 AM

Radar23    Said...

one thing I have to say about NI bargins is... well.. if you look on ebay, even here in Australia, you can pick up much better deals on real synths.. that you can touch and play... just got a VFX-SD with a ESQ-1 thrown in for free for 200 pounds... come on!! that';s the deal of the century for sure..... Maybe though I just dont under stand computers with be TV's attached! Great show lads...

10-Jul-09 11:20 AM

Kayle C    Said...

Hello -

Great show everyone - really enjoyed it. Took me back with the 8-track talk. My first recorded music was a Johnny Cash Hits on 8-Track. I can remember the Columbia House Music Club where you sent in a penny and got eight 8_tracks for free. And then had to buy like 8 of them over the next few years. That's where I got a lot of my music as a kid.

10-Jul-09 11:46 AM

radar23 again..    Said...

Nice foresight on the future of Ip addressed based interfacing... Does that mean I one day could control my ageing DSI MEK from my employers PÇ while on lunch break/

10-Jul-09 11:54 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I really want to know what PJ Tracy thought of Symphobia, after his buyer's remorse?

11-Jul-09 12:40 AM

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