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Most Music Pirates Would Rather Buy, But At The Right Price
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CD    Said...

Lol, this will change nothing. No matter which price they ask, there will always be people that would not pay for music. Those price are absurd, 45p? Don't forget that the provider takes a lot and the artist should get something.

06-Jul-09 07:58 AM

SonicState reader    Said...

Music is already available at the right price. It is called iTunes Store.

06-Jul-09 08:15 AM

fight mp3    Said...

they just don´t get it: It´s not about the price, it´s the FORMAT.

I will NEVER pay for compressed formats. Either make it Apple Lossless, FLAC or Wave or be gone!

06-Jul-09 08:24 AM

AKA    Said...

That's why they can sell it so cheap because they're compressed (bandwith). Check beatports prices for waves!!!!!

06-Jul-09 09:25 AM

000    Said...

pay for digital information? no thanks. I still buy cds sometimes, but I get more than just the music with them. I get the packaging and a great built-in music transportation device.... er... a cd which will still be there if my hard drive goes belly up.

06-Jul-09 06:11 PM

rain river    Said...

fight mp3 is absolutely correct. it's about format. i hate sounds like crap on crap with a side of crap. i want wave and nothing else. my music library is all in wave occupying 5 terabyte of hard disk. i don't own a single mp3.

06-Jul-09 06:50 PM

s r dhain    Said...


There's a whole generation of people - possibly those born 1990 and beyond- who have grown up with digital formats. Rightly or wrongly, digital formats ARE here to stay. There's been too much investment in the technology for it to just disappear in the next 5 or even 10 years. But the point about the quality is spot on. Wav and FLAC files are top banana, and ive NEVER known any por level post prod house to ask for audio in anything less, Now that storage and bandwidth speeds/ capacities are at 10mbps and beyond for a lot of us, lossless should become DEFACTO eventually. Sooner, rather than later, methinks.

07-Jul-09 01:52 PM

s r dhain    Said...

sorry, i meant PRO post production house, not POR

07-Jul-09 01:53 PM

Trus1te    Said...

99c/1.29c for lossless makes sense... Cause CD's go for between 10 and 20 dollars... And they usually have 10-15 tracks on them...

If my understanding is correct it is much cheaper to host and manage an online storefront than a brick and mortar storefront for various reasons...


I don't want to hear about it.

Would u buy an MP3 formatted CD for 12.99?



07-Jul-09 03:26 PM

fac    Said...

I have about 75% of my CD library backed-up as 192 Kbps MP3. I have also bought quite a few MP3 albums, including some I used to own on CD, and I didn't think there were noticiable differences either.

IMO, high-bitrate MP3's are almost as good as the uncompressed format. I do notice the difference at 128 Kbps, but not at 192 or 256 Kbps.

But then again, I don't have golden ears, either.

07-Jul-09 07:18 PM

Frank    Said...

Download prices are way too cheap!

Artist pay out of their pocket for pricewars between iTunes and Amazon - WHY.

It's their work and it is valuable.

More and more labels and artists do not submit to iTunes any more but look for real MUSIC sites, run by music lovers, who care for the creative work.

Its no secret: iTunes is here to sell iPods, not to help musicians sell their work.

The research firm may have been paid for their "Survey" ;-) By whom and why.

Lets support the art and artists, the music and musicians with fair prices! Buy CDs for better sound quality and don’t be cheap. You wouldn’t take a job for $2 an hour – do you!?


08-Jul-09 12:16 PM    Said...

@ Frank: THANK YOU!!!

12-Aug-09 03:39 AM

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