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Kompletely Insane
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Matt C    Said...

*checks exchange rate for Euro and the US Dollar Vs the UK Pound*

I think I'd like to pay $399 please.

02-Jul-09 04:15 AM

jesse    Said...

It's a nice deal anyway you slice it, but however, it feels very unfair for europeans as:

399 USD = 284 EUR 399 EUR = 559 USD

however VAT is included in the european price and not included in the US price.

So 399EUR without sales tax is around 320EUR which is quite close to the USD price.

02-Jul-09 06:39 PM

Skinflint    Said...

Yeah, how does that figure - they are a German company right?

06-Jul-09 06:58 AM

ajay    Said...

It's only because Komplete 6 is about to come out at a great price with even more added to it.

04-Sep-09 11:25 AM

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