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LIMS09: 9-string Bass - How Low can You Go?!
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Absolutely fantastic!

25-Jun-09 04:33 PM

MPS    Said...

How many strings do you have to put on before it stops being a bass? If it can play one note above middle C it isn't a bass anymore. IMHO.

26-Jun-09 09:52 AM


Ummm....There have been 13 string basses posted on YouTube for quite some time. Also, Conklin has ben making 9 string basses for a long time. Not exactly ground-breaking....

29-Jun-09 01:01 PM

Hans    Said...

would have been nice to hear that lowest note.....

04-Jul-09 01:29 AM

wut    Said...

I made a 9 string bass, and muting strings is really tough.


it's like those drummers in the 80s lost in a cage full of toms

05-Jul-09 10:11 AM

Mbk    Said...

bro that's mul if you can get 9 string bass here on earth then wat abt in heaven bro....thats deep slaping too and the lowest note wld have bin nice to hear

25-Jul-09 07:31 AM

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