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Sonic LAB: MBase11 Analog Bass Drum Synthesizer
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Robbie Ryan (I love analogue)    Said...

Having used the Mbase01 for several years, I can attest that having a dedicated analogue kick drum module is an absolute asset to your system. These are handmade units made by Juergen Michaelis and they're 100% wonderful and a great accent to samples, soft synths, or digital drumboxes like that Akais or Machinedrums. If I didn't love my Mbase, I'd pick up the new version in a drumbeat.

25-Jun-09 10:01 AM

Trus1te    Said...

I think it sounds great, but for us lower budget producers and players, $369 is kind of a lot for a kick drum. You can go on Craigslist and buy a whole drumset (a fairly descent one too!!!) for that price.

I love its sonic possibilities, but bang for buck in the electronic drum market MFB is your best choice, from my point of view.

29-Jun-09 09:33 AM

Miagi San    Said...

I am a pro user who has owned the original Mbase01 for some time now and I would have to agree with Robbie.Sure you could by a cheap-o drum set at the pawn shop for similar $,but then youd have to mic and properly record the kit(easier said than done ,believe that!).

30-Jun-09 01:28 AM

Robbie Ryan (I Love Analogue)    Said...

It's really a matter of "You Get What You Pay For." Yes, you can get a drum set for cheap, but this little box, set up dead center with no reverb will add a great presence to your tracks and you can forget about it. With most of your decent dedicated drum machines (Machine Drum, XBase 999, Akai SP) are in the 4 figure range, it's a huge value, and it sits right in the mix with PCM drum samples or modelled sounds. No, it can't replace a properly recorded, perfectly tuned drum set by a great player, in a great room, with a great engineer and $20k worth of great mics and acoustic treatment. But, if you want every imaginable kind of kick drum in your pop, hip hop, or dance track, you are in business. $369 is not a lot to pay for that sort of freedom.

05-Jul-09 12:11 AM

RAMROD    Said...

I still say the Vermona Kick Lancet is a good contender.

23-Oct-13 03:05 AM

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