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Podcast: Sonic TALK134 - Largo Love, Acxel Antipathy
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madmax    Said...

Even though I don't have a chance to listen, I do have a topic you can bring up. As I commented on a while back, the press releases coming from companies have many spelling and grammar errors. It wasn't always this way. I wonder if the economy is causing companies to cut back on proofreading.

Today the anti-spambot thing worked from the get-go.

18-Jun-09 08:02 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks Madmax, I may use that one, I think it;s more to do with the general haste with which things are done - it's all last minute and now..

Glad the Captcha worked for you today, I've not had any problems with it for a while

18-Jun-09 11:14 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Loved the show, esp. proud to have made the gag of the week! :-D Having said that, I feel I should think of something smart to say next time because it seems my major contributions to the podcast until now have been that acapella Jean Michel Jarre spoof and a few silly jokes! :-)

18-Jun-09 01:00 PM

GOD    Said...

Just for the record ... Joke of the NIGHT actually went to Richie.... his (perfectly apt/timed) comment when Nick was on the phone

JOTN Award Giver

ps. Chris-o came in a VERY close 2nd with his School Band gag

19-Jun-09 03:35 AM

Nick B    Said...

One of the advantages of being all seeing I guess - I can only see the stuff when I'm paying attention to the chat room, which is not 100% of the time.

19-Jun-09 03:57 AM

MPS    Said...

God is totally wrong (I always suspected as much...). the funniest line in the podcast was "Even though I am a complete tart and will say anything for money".

Rich's line was perfectly timed and very funny. A close second.

19-Jun-09 01:27 PM

loneraver    Said...

I can't get into the chat room, it just keeps "connecting".

24-Jun-09 10:07 AM

Thelonius Punk    Said...

What a bunch giggling of tossers. Praising softsynth #17463b, which brings nothing new to the table. Idolizing the sponsors bland Roland box. All the while dissing the extraordinary Acxel2, which they clearly don't understand at all. Ingnorant worshipers of the dull and generic - how about getting some knowledgable synth enthusiasts to do the show. Oh well...

20-Dec-09 11:36 AM

Contented    Said...

Thelonious - My what an angry man you are!

21-Dec-09 06:59 AM

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