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LIMS09: Tascam shows M-164UF Mini Mixer
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Trus1te    Said...

I wish everything were built like a Tascam. Aluminum. Trendy (There new stuff at least).

I don't think they get enough play for their craftsmanship.

Anyway, thank you Tascam for being awesome.

Now if you could ship me a new powercord for my old portastudio....

16-Jun-09 01:32 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Portastudio? You were lucky. I used to dreeeam of having a Portastudio 144. All I could afford was a Realistic 4-channel mono mixer and a couple of Hitachi tape decks from Comet. You had to keep the levels low or you'd get more and more hiss with each new track overdubbed. That was analogue!

And you try telling the young people of today that.... they won't believe you!

27-Jun-09 07:11 PM

PJ7hh    Said...

i really wish they hadnt of discontinued these so effing quickly.. at least replace it with something else ... i really despise the audio manufacturing indstry. they have like no balls to stand behind a product- they discontinue things as soon as they make them pretty much.. if it doesnt meet a certain quota.. it takes a few years for most people to get to know a product is dependable. but they take it off the shelf before that can even happen! this mixer is a brilliant idea + price point and i wish i could buy one right now! instead of my mackie 1620i

07-Dec-13 10:41 AM

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