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LIMS09: Novation Automap For iPhone
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Bjarne D.    Said...

This should be a great gimmick for the stage! Imagine having a Live set and working the crowd while you trigger the next scene in your set! Looking forward to it! :)

21-Jun-09 12:44 PM

flux302    Said...

I have a remote zero and I have to say so far i have been very dissapointed in it's usage with logic pro. it seems that it should work so well with those beautiful lcd displays but yet it is still a pain in the arse to use properly. i just don't get how automap has to be so difficult for develpoers to pull off correctly.

24-Jun-09 06:40 PM

emre yazgin    Said...

I almost feel like developers are sometimes just developing iphone applications just because they can..

13-Oct-09 05:39 PM

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