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LIMS09: Demo - Roland Juno Di New Synth
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Sven from Spain    Said...

It does look like a very attractive piece of gear;not complicated and very accesible moneywise. They could have left the Juno G family out and go straight for this;Less frustration and really hands on. I think I'm going for one! Do those batteries recharge when you plug in the socket or do you have to change/recharge them yourself?

21-Jun-09 08:51 AM

Janeanne Turner    Said...

Is luke a rare name or something or do you really laugh at any word used in a star wars script.

30-Jun-09 11:02 PM

wk1800    Said...

i want to paly

17-Jul-09 08:29 AM

squeakD    Said...

I've pre-ordered one of these. This is going to be a HUGE seller for Roland. Fantom G sounds with 128 notes poly is really nice. The new Juno-Di and the previous models are so far apart in features now. Roland has upgraded so many areas that it's like the Classic D and the Le model aren't even part of the family anymore because so much has changed with the new model. Demand for this new synth is already high too as pre-orders are pouring in everywhere!

24-Jul-09 08:58 AM

Bob    Said...

picking one up on Ebay for 547 shipped.

13-Sep-09 02:16 PM

Larry    Said...

Sounds like old simple RolandXP10...

17-Sep-09 01:59 PM

jm cute    Said...

roland juno d.i is the best

30-Mar-13 02:49 PM

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