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Podcast: Sonic TALK133 - My APC Goes Boom Boom
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asiohead    Said...

damn, i didn't get the memo again ;) Hey Nick, can’t you setup a schedule mailing list ;)

Anyway, I'm definitely going to check out that Island records docu, some of my favorite artists have released music on that label. The Orb, Nick Drake and the fantastic Belgian band dEUS !

I love music docu’s in general, if anyone knows some good ones please post them, maybe you can make it a topic sometime Nick ? Here are a few good ones already; - Moog by Hans Fjellestad - Alchemists Of Sound (BBC's Radiophonic Workshop) - Ohm +: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music - All the Classic Albums series - Seven Ages Of Rock - Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution

see ya next week dudes.


10-Jun-09 07:52 AM

Howard S    Said...

I missed it as well - damn.

From 4,750,001 to 5,000,000? With volume discount 16 quid each = 4 million quid :-)

10-Jun-09 10:09 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great podcast, as usual! Still hope that at some time it's going to be a tad later though as 4 GMT is unfortunately too early for me... And I really loved that beatboxing thing you did with the text to speech thing (note: NOT speech to text... ;-)

10-Jun-09 01:15 PM

asiohead    Said...

Oh man, this Tom Cosm guy is wicked. Great website. Just been watching some of his tutorials and although I prefer to do things slightly different he did show me some really cool ways to do stuff. And tricks I didn’t know about. + he’s such a funny dude, with his horny cat haha. I think it’s just wining cause it wants to be sampled into the track :)

11-Jun-09 04:58 AM

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