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New SEMS Module From Tom Oberheim
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Beermaster    Said...


04-Jun-09 03:03 PM

timmybuk2    Said...

the question is where will we be looking when it is release to get one! how long?

06-Jun-09 03:02 AM

S R Dhain    Said...

brilliant, even if its not cheap. one question arises though...what about the telemark and semblance from analog solutions?

06-Jun-09 11:01 AM

Ken Williams    Said...

As for distribution, my first guess is Audio MIDI since he and the others he name drops in this clip had a symposium that they videoed and sold. As for other SEM based modules, good question. Are there design patents in question? I noticed a lack of logo on the prototype new SEM. Hmmm.

07-Jun-09 01:21 AM

Peter Kadar    Said...

Sounds great. I'm with Beermaster... I want at least four of them.. Hey, I wonder if they can be daisy chained to form a polyphonic system? I should find out first before ordering, lol.

07-Jun-09 02:22 AM

Best of luck Tom! (and Tom)    Said...

Re semblance and telemark - I have tried the former and while it sounds good it lacks much of the SEM peculiarity. I own an original SEM and am very familiar with its character. The lowpassfilter for example is one of the smoothest sounding to be found anywhere. There are also a few sweetspots when fading the lp/hp filters. You also get a strange (and cool) digital-ish vibe when you tune the oscillators close. Similar to what stacking two analog waveforms in a s+s synth gives. All these sounds *like* an SEM on the Semblance, but more as a consequence of design than actually capturing the sem sound.

07-Jun-09 04:12 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

there's no logo on the new one Ken, because gibson still own the logo and oberheim brand. Otherwise it's pretty faithfull to the original, which i have used in TVS and four voice form.

09-Jun-09 12:38 PM

Poo    Said...

Any chance of a reissue of an OB-Xa? Hope he has considered?

11-Jun-09 10:29 PM

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