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Free Synth With Four Billion Presets
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Ted    Said...

The first 3.5 billion presets are killer, but the last half- billion are somewhat uninspired.

05-Jun-09 11:39 AM

Hve fun and good luck :P    Said... image line trying to sell to people who don't write you know with there software ? Cause if you spend even 10 min searching for a preset that's like 5 I could have mad with oddity or imposcar or my mopho for that matter .

05-Jun-09 07:25 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Wouldn't it be more accurate to call this a preset creator? Don't want to knock it, could be great for inspiration, but I would guess that it's nigh impossible to go for certain types of sounds.

09-Jun-09 08:45 AM

alex    Said...

I'd like to see this as a small hardware module.

12-Jun-09 03:59 PM

dbdzcvr    Said...

why on earth would you want this as a hardware module?! it's free

22-Jun-09 05:09 AM

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