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Podcast: Sonic TALK132 - Diego Stocco
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Loved the podcast! The interview with Diego was a nice change to the usual proceedings and had some cool insights. Perhaps the interview could have been a bit more with the others taking part too, but all in all it worked really well!

05-Jun-09 02:47 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks for the feedback marc, re: others , it's tricky to know who wants to say what, but as we refine the concept we'll get a better inclusion I suspect.

05-Jun-09 06:36 AM

Rahul Chadha    Said...

Hey guys, I'm the guy who made the video of Henry Till. Thanks so much for talking about it on your podcast, it was pretty cool to realize people across the pond were watching it.

I fear that some of the disappointment you guys expressed about the equipment featured in the piece is my fault. I know absolutely nothing about electronics and synths, but I thought it might be interesting to get Henry, the roommate of a friend in Brooklyn, to talk about how he makes them. Unfortunately I quickly discovered that he was waaaay over my head, and that I wouldn't be able to convey what he does in layman's terms, so I turned the piece into a character portrait.

Henry is one of those mad geniuses who has a natural curiosity about things and is able to learn complicated processes by teaching himself. In addition to his synth fixation, he used to play bass, I believe, in some more traditional rock bands. Anyway, he moved to Massachusetts shortly after I shot this, and I haven't really been in contact with him since. I just emailed him with a link to your podcast, so maybe he'll be getting in touch soon. Anyway, thanks again for checking out the video.

-Rahul Chadha

05-Jun-09 12:53 PM

Nick    Said...

Hey Rahul, cool that you discovered we'd mentioned it, I really enjoyed the video and I think that Henry's character really did come across.

I dont think that there was too much disapointment :-)

05-Jun-09 03:11 PM

Kaux    Said...

Great Episode!! One of the best ever. SonicTalk keeps getting better. Congrats!

06-Jun-09 10:38 PM

bakkebaard    Said...

really good podcast guys! i wouldn't mind sitting next to diego working on protools for a bit ;-)

07-Jun-09 11:33 PM

Justin K    Said...

I've been listening since sometime around the very beginning of the podcasts and just now stumbled across the fact I could leave a comment! You guys all do a great job and are my hands down favorite audio podcast. I work in radio...which for me means I don't actually listen to the radio so audio (and video) podcasts have become "my" radio. I congratulate you on your level of consistency and only wish more podcasts could keep it up on a weekly basis like you guys. So good job!

Nick....check out Renoise.

09-Jun-09 06:48 PM

NIck B    Said...

Justin that's very kind of you, thanks for the vote of confidence.

10-Jun-09 03:13 AM

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