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Selection of Jarre From May 2009
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The Guvnor    Said...

Hmmmm.... I wonder if "World Tour" includes the USA. Hopefully it does, but I doubt it :0(

01-Jun-09 10:38 AM

Nick B    Said...

You would think wouldnt you? I cant imagine how much the shipping and tech bills would be for moving that lot around the globe, maybe they'll go by boat, which is why there's a three momth break in the dates?

01-Jun-09 11:08 AM

abc    Said...

is he not tired of himself and the same music

01-Jun-09 02:07 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Noone gets tired of doing classics... Pink Floyd members are still playing Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Clapton still plays Layla... And it seems that he's now playing stuff that he hasn't played for ages too!

01-Jun-09 05:19 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

I was a but gutted that i didnt go when he was in the uk last year ( i think), but then some bright spark posted the other stuff on youtube, where the memorymoog (surprise surprise..not), went totally into orbit tuningwise. There was also footage of him struggling to tune all the arps and synthi's during a soundcheck.

With modern crating and transport, its not too much of a hassle, and im sure he isnt taking the big modulars out to play. Having said that, ive personally seen people ship stuff (including ULTRA RARE modulars)all over the place, just to get it tuned and cleaned up, so to speak, so money certainly isnt an issue for the big names

01-Jun-09 06:11 PM

Planet Origo    Said...

For this tour, Jarre used the following synths;

EMS Synthi A (x4), VCS3 (x2), ARP 2600 (x2), Roland Jupiter 8, Eminent 310U organ (x3), Roland D-50 (x2), Elka Synthex (x2), Minimoog D (x4), Roland JD-800 (x2), Korg PE-2000 PolyEnsemble, Roland SPD-S, Nord Lead 3, Memorymoog (x2), Boss RC20XL LoopStation pedals (x3), Roland HandSonic drum pad, Minimoog Voyager, RMI Harmonic Synthesizer, Dave Smith MoPho, Roland AX Synth, Roland JP-4, Haken Continuum Fingerboard controller, Roland Juno-106, Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus, Roland V-Drums pads with TD-20 sound module (x several), Moog Taurus with bass pedals, Moog 55 modular, MacBeth M5N, ARP 2500, Moog Liberation, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Fairlight CMI, Roland TR 909 and TR 808, Korg PS 3200, Moog Source, Roland S760, Synthar, Theremin, laser harp, accordeon, and others! In total, around 70 synthesizers, keyboards, modules, controllers and other instruments were used.

He's planning gigs in the US in 2010 and will then have an improved tracklist.

03-Jun-09 12:38 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Cool to see the Fingerboard controller in there, amazing piece of kit.

04-Jun-09 03:04 AM

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