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Sonic LAB: M-Audio Axiom Pro vs Novation SL MKII
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velocipede    Said...

Is this video any different from the one posted two weeks ago?

30-May-09 06:48 AM

NIck B    Said...

Correct, but we had to make a couple of changes

31-May-09 02:01 PM

fizmo    Said...

what about ableton?

01-Jun-09 12:16 AM

Nick B    Said...

Both controllers have good integration with LIVE, but at the time of review, there wasn't any information available for the Axiom.

I'll see if we can find out some more information about this and post here.

01-Jun-09 04:53 AM

Nick B    Said...

Actually, I should say that Axiom presets and information wasnt available at the time of review, but we have subsequently found out that told that it does, we know the SL does.

01-Jun-09 04:55 AM


Great video from our favorite Hugh Laurie look a like! ;)

01-Jun-09 05:06 PM

Ravloo    Said...

Thanks for making this video, it's a great help.

Can you explain further what you mean by "resorting to conventional midi, of course" when talking about how the sl mk2 falls short in terms of controlling logic's internal instruments and fx?

14-Jul-09 01:15 AM

Android    Said...

The broken Axiom key gives me a bad taste. I think the Novation is a better buy.

22-Jul-09 10:56 PM

Cedric    Said...

what's wrong with the sixth note on the axiom ? :o) couldn't find one that was new or did you break it yourself ?

24-Oct-09 04:46 PM

Survey says    Said...

I heard a lot of bad experiences with the M-audio controllers.The bad key on the axiom was obviously a statement.I think I would rather go for the SL unless M-audio builds their controllers more robust and sturdy. Thanks for this review.

11-Jan-10 10:53 PM

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