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Podcast: Sonic TALK131 - Tap Tempo Changed Everything
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Frank    Said...

Take a look at for algorithmic music !

28-May-09 08:02 AM

Greg66666    Said...

Lady Gaga is pretty big here. Just Dance and Poker Face both went No. 1 on Billboard. Leno introduced her doing Just Dance. American Idol had her with Poker Face. She's a hate her or love her artist here. I think her techno is a little primitive but it's catchy.

28-May-09 11:16 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Enjoyed the podcast, pretty interesting bit about sampling/modelling and emulating acoustic instruments!

28-May-09 12:40 PM

Andre    Said...

Nick, you are officially my hero! The Waldorf Attack track you made is insane!

28-May-09 06:57 PM

mmz    Said...

Guys, the Blofeld Keyboard is also freaking sweet too, I like it better than my Virus TI. Well built too.

28-May-09 10:50 PM    Said...

I agree Andre... I forgot to mention it

Pretty darn good for a 10min job.... my standard approach, also... haha



29-May-09 01:06 AM

Nick B    Said...

I've yet to try out a Blofeld I'd really like to but I guess the review window has passed.

Glad you liked the demo, Synplant is really quite inspiring.

29-May-09 03:43 AM

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