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Podcast: Sonic TALK130 - Eurovision Radiophonic and EMS
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U-Franklin    Said...

Oops, I wasn't aware of the time change this week!

21-May-09 05:44 AM    Said...

More on EMS:

Plz note the Aussie influence there... not only the EMS, but the Fairlight too..... cough, cough.... :P


Rich (Aussie #1)

21-May-09 07:00 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great show, you managed to keep it all pretty together despite the technical problems!

21-May-09 12:57 PM

Velocipede    Said...

Perhaps the Doctor Who theme by the Radiophonic Workshop in the early 1960s was the first popular piece of electronic music. I am not sure if it involved synthesis, but it certainly was dependent on the use of gear for its realization

23-May-09 04:10 AM

ghostdog    Said...

Cant believe you think about synthesizers as having to be musical?

I though all great synth heads would at least be interested in the past, Xenakis, Pierre Henry, Subotnik, etc etc etc

Noise to me is pop music

23-May-09 11:44 AM


And now for something completely different...

This is NO game :P


24-May-09 10:13 AM

GOD    Said...

GOD said ... ^^^^

24-May-09 10:14 AM

Mike Daul    Said...

Just for the record, we did get the original Dr Who in the states (I fondly recall watching it as a young lad on my local PBS station). I've also enjoyed an occasional episode of the new series via BBC america and netflix...

28-May-09 12:55 PM

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