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Computer For Game Sound Designers And Composers
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Jchase    Said...

I find it a little worrisome that there's no mention about noise isolation / custom low noise cooling solutions apart from "silent power supply". The HD4870 is far from quiet with stock cooling, but in knowing hands can be made damn near silent at the cost of space. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it really seems like this is little more than a gaming rig with a few added USB ports and a TI firewire chip for audio stability. Which in no way warrants the price tag of $3299.00 for the base model.

20-May-09 08:02 AM

Eddy Robinson    Said...

Yeah, it's just marketing to dummies.

20-May-09 03:36 PM

urafool    Said...

yeah... what a bunch of bs.

whoever falls for this nonsense idiotic marketing, deserves to get ripped off (as anyone that buys this obviously will be)

next they will come out with a "specialized" computer for making music for documentaries, then another for movies, then short movies, maybe one specific for hip hop, another for rock, so on so on

22-May-09 12:15 AM

loneraver    Said...

This reminds me of the special CD-R's in the early 2000s that were marked as being specialized for music instead of data.

28-May-09 04:35 PM

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