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Sonic LAB: Portable Recorders - Edirol R-09HR
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Howard Harawitz    Said...

Actually, a few years ago Roland released one of the first portable solid state recorders, the R-1. I bought one and used it for a while. It was crudely designed but it worked reasonably well and sounded decent. I still use it occasionally, but I am looking at one of the Zooms as a replacement.

13-May-09 09:35 AM


You guys already had this review up on the News page a few days ago.

PS The the anti-spambot image thing is acting up. When I first get to the comment page, it's a black rectangle. I have to type random letters in and click the go button to get a viewable image.

13-May-09 12:17 PM

Andy at Sonic    Said...

yeah, we know - there was a small issue with some audio 'ticking' noises on the Flash render, so we re-did it.

Interesting to know about the spambot - I don't see that; what browser/platform are you running? Thanks for pointing it out.


13-May-09 01:34 PM

Nick B    Said...

Howard, yes, we missed that one, Edirol put us right, hence the tweaked intro text to reflect that.


14-May-09 06:31 AM

Scott    Said...

Re Low vs High gain recording.

Did you match the levels (or normalize?) in post when comparing the two settings?

The low gain vocal sounded quieter to me.

15-May-09 04:15 AM

Andy at Sonic    Said...

Hi Scott - no, I didn't want to normalize in post as it might have affected the sound quality. I boosted the input levels to max, and moved closer to the mics, but the gain structure is quite different and the level was a little quieter. It was meant as a rough & ready realtime demo of how switching Gain settings may affect sound quality.

15-May-09 04:32 AM

Scott    Said...

Hi Andy,

thanks for the response, then your experience of a flatter sound is a consequence of the level, louder recordings always sound better than quiet ones of the same source. We are less sensitive to low and high frequencies, as I am sure you are aware.

As the level drops we lose the low and high sound first…this is what I think you are probably responding to, not a non-linearity of the R09HR frequency response (which your comments imply).

About boosting levels, I appreciate your concern, however you should be able to raise the gain of the Low Sensitivity recording to match the high sensitivity level (not necessarily normalizing, that’s a quick equalizer tho). I am fairly sure once you match playback levels that they will sound the same.

Regards Scott

15-May-09 11:32 PM

Scott    Said...

I'm back...Andy, please check these two recordings. I grabbed the audio from your video and

1. Here is the original unmatched High-vs-Low sensitivity recordings:

The second does sound flat.

2. Here is the second section with levels matched with the first:

Problem solved methinks.

PS: I fixed your popping 'P' on 'input' too you may notice :)

This is an interesting issue that I have seen catch many new users of DAWs who think one DAW sounds better than another. 99% of the time there are level differences between the two packages that cause the issue. Level is a red-herring.


15-May-09 11:50 PM

Lazar    Said...

When can we expect the rest of the videos ?

27-Jul-09 12:33 AM

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