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Sonic LAB: Custom AppleLoops in Logic Pro
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mikebeck    Said...

Thanks, Nick! I always enjoy a "how I work" video. Interesting and informative. Something like this, as a regular feature, would be very welcome.

20-Apr-09 11:13 AM

Nick B    Said...

Mike, glad you enjoyed it. It would be good to do more. happy to answer any questions about this one too of course.

20-Apr-09 11:31 AM

Kaux    Said...

Hi, nick... sonicstate is by far my favorite website, and with videos like this, in the "how to" mood, it could only be even better. Great work, thanks!

20-Apr-09 05:29 PM

mikebeck    Said...

@Nick The good thing is that it was so well explained that I don't have any questions!

21-Apr-09 12:39 AM

Andre    Said...

Really cool, man! One of the things about Logic I was always curious about. Now i know. Thanks :-)

21-Apr-09 07:28 PM

flux302    Said...

man this is great thanks! hey is there a way I can put this on my pod I know you used to do video podcasts why is this not one of em? p.s. I ove the show! listen every week!

28-Apr-09 09:28 PM

Nick B    Said...

We do publish on iTunes also, should be there, not all our stuff is.

29-Apr-09 11:14 AM

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