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Podcast: Sonic TALK 124- Musik MESSE and Live From Tokyo
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Howard S    Said...

"Frankfurt Musikmesse News" in the Show Notes:

Goodness, Its a 404! Could not be found

I'm using iMac, Firefox

09-Apr-09 09:40 AM

Matt_C    Said...

I remember some device designed for sequencer-using-DJs that could derive a MIDI clock from audio for syncing sequencers to vinyl or whatever. I wish I could remember what the device was called.

Anyway, I asked them at a music show if it'd be possible to put this on a direct out from kick drum channel at a kick and generate clock from a live drummer. They reckoned it would be possible but I never got to try it.

09-Apr-09 12:24 PM

Howard S    Said...

Thanks for the nice words around 28 minutes, chaps!

09-Apr-09 01:13 PM

Andre    Said...

Hi Nick! Are you sick you sound a bit muffled.

If so get better! Great podcast again.

09-Apr-09 05:22 PM

Guvnor    Said...

Hey Nick,

Did yhou get a chance to look at Waldorf Largo at the show? Are there any videos in the pipeline?


09-Apr-09 06:44 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great podcast again guys - thanks to you and Dave for entertaining us this week all by yourself (though it was very cool of Rich to provide a surprise guest appearance at the end!). Thanks also again for the Messe videos. Really enjoyed them!

09-Apr-09 08:00 PM

Nick B    Said...

Andre, just a bit of a cold matew, thanks for asking - cant seem to shake this one.

I did swing by Waldorf a couple of times, but didnt check it out - my bad.

11-Apr-09 05:30 AM

Guvnor    Said...

Thanks for the reply Nick. Spellbinding job on the coverage as usual, especially the Schneider twins!

BTW: Non Eric had a review of Largo up on his site but no sounds and I don't know German!!!!


11-Apr-09 09:40 AM

Miguel Silva    Said...

Hey Nick,

It's me .. one of the Elevator guys from Portugal (the fat handsome 1), ahhhahah. Actually to a even weirder degree we got the room just in front of ya! Anyways our shop is quite unique in de sense that we do not sell any guitars/ Drums/ pianos, etc... it's all electronic... we sell and rent equipment for Djs / Clubs/ Producers/ home studios etc... Also we do basic music production courses, basic Dj courses and we are the only AATC in Portugal for Logic Audio. The shop as also got quite a cool and trendy vibe ... check pics ... MK2 - Solutions 4 DJs n Producers

We also distribute Arturia, Ortofon and Magma Bags.

For an even stranger coincidence we meet this German couple at The messe who make Nodular analog synths, only to find out the live in Portugal on the street above us ... I'm sure u've seen them at hall 5 (or 5.1) called "The Club of Knobs"..

Regards and keep up the great podcast.

regards to everyone on the panel!

----- DJ/ Producer work

14-Apr-09 06:17 AM

Nick B    Said...

Hey Miguel, cool!

Sorry I didnt get your names in the lift, I could have given you a proper shout out.

Thanks for listening!

14-Apr-09 07:15 AM

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