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MESSE09: Karl Steinberg Wins Lifetime Achievement Award
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DBM    Said...

+100,000,000 Even if you don't use Steinberg products if you are using a DAW of any kind it was this mans work that paved the way ! We all do indeed owe him a congrats !

Thanks Karl !

I still rock my 1040st and Cubase 2 from time to time !

08-Apr-09 07:31 PM

Hans    Said...

Congrats to Charlie, i remember back in the day when he was a longhaired keyboardplayer for Törner Stier Crew and i was a stagehand that helped him to setup his gear at a gig. When i picked up one his synth the whole frontpanel just came off.....good times!

28-Apr-09 03:04 AM

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