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MESSE09: Teenage Engineering OP-1
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fujiKORG    Said...

The OP-1 has been my favorite new product this year and I can't wait to see what that sequencer is all about.

04-Apr-09 02:00 PM

J    Said...

I think Ableton may have some some questions for these guys.... A bit too similar to ...... um Operator.

06-Apr-09 08:47 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Yeah, I remember when the Ableton team invented the DX9.

07-Apr-09 08:36 PM

L56    Said...

Yeah, Ableton owns the word "operator" hehe

I will design a car and call it "tyre". Bridgestone better watch out!!

Cool looking gadget though!

11-Apr-09 08:04 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I'm a sucker for things like this! I want one now, but I know I shouldn't because it can't do anything the laptop can't do, except maybe tune into The Archers.

I know it's referencing the VL-tone, but I wish they'd put a real keyboard onto it.

Did he mention whether it had MIDI IN and OUT?

I thought the microKORG XL was small and portable, but this looks like it could literally slid into my pocket! The proof is in the pudding - we haven't heard what it sounds like yet. I bet I wind up buying one the moment they're released.

22-Apr-09 08:57 PM

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