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MESSE09:Wacom Do DJ With NextBeat
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el lobo    Said...

Touch sensitive fades don't seem to work too well do they?

03-Apr-09 04:49 PM

nick b    Said...

Yeah I noticed that, but these are prototypes and they arent in production till September with some testing starting soon, so I imagine they can sort that out

04-Apr-09 05:07 AM

samarin    Said...

I agree. I have been using wacom products for 10 years, and I have not had a single problem with their surfaces... probably a little glitch in the prototype...

04-Apr-09 06:40 AM

Anomoly    Said...

It's a nice idea in theory... obviously more for the "house/trance" dj as you can't cut and scratch with the onboard crossfader.

I could see taking the remote feature in a club or a house party and coming back to someone else playing with things or spilling a drink on it, while your "out on the dance floor"

If it comes in at a lower price point in might be good for a wedding dj.

i couldn't see only using this as my main unit... especially when you can get this thing that does the same: Stanton DaScratch

09-Apr-09 09:30 AM

el lobo    Said...

All the Wacom products i have ever used have a Stylus. touch sensitivity is quite a different technology.

23-Apr-09 07:31 AM

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