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MESSE09: Juno G OS V2 Adds Generous Sampling Features
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RobJuno    Said...

Downright LIES! The Juno had ALL of this functionality (apart from the pad-assignment, which is compromised by too many functions already using these buttons) before V2.0. No new sampling ability has been added that wasn't a very major attribute of the Juno's specification since its launch! I cannot believe Roland are behaving in this shoddy manner!

08-Apr-09 06:36 AM

Sean Montgomery    Said...

In his demonstration, Luke chose to mention a couple of features that are in the original instrument as they are features that often get overlooked. The vast majority of what Luke talked about is new including:

Sample in via audio inputs rather than import via USB/Compact Flash Card

User sampling that enables you to use the Juno-G as a powerful sampler by assigning user samples to patches

The ability to assign up to 12 samples to pads and use the HOLD function.

In addition, it is worth noting that previously, all the audio functions were based around the audio tracks in the sequencer. Version 2 makes it very easy to use your audio samples in brand new ways.

It was possible to sample with Version 1 because you could record external audio into the audio tracks and then edit it. Version 2 adds specialist types of sampling like AUTO DIVIDE and a much more controlled sampling environment.

Sean Montgomery - Senior Product Manager Roland UK

09-Apr-09 09:14 AM

scouse    Said...

Rob, even it it was all lies mate, which it isn't, its free! So why are you arsed?!

22-Apr-09 12:26 AM

selercs    Said...

rob juno,

your comment is harsh and a partial lie.

some of the features this guy is showing was already existing before 2.0 (audio recorder let you take a single layer sample and map it across the keys...)

but with the new version, you have time stretch (crucial) and pad assignments (even if not velocity sensitive, still pretty good).

the reverse sampling, loop points, etc already existed in the previous version.

i was hoping for velocity sensitive, multi-sampling with the update, but oh well...that's why you have the fantom g

13-Aug-09 11:23 PM

Jay    Said...

Can You Put The Samples On The Keys ?

21-Jun-11 02:36 PM

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