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MESSE09: The Future Of Music Production?
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TC    Said...

Sounds promissing. Cool features, I'll keep my eyes on this one. They didn't show MIDI features, maybe it is more geared towards Audio than MIDI production, a bit like pro-tools maybe?

03-Apr-09 08:36 AM

z    Said...

ANOTHER DAW? Why? Presonus, please do what you are best at -hardware audio solutions.

03-Apr-09 09:14 AM

Nick B    Said...

Z - this one is written by the guy who wrote NUENDO, so it's not like they are just having a go.

03-Apr-09 09:32 AM

z    Said...

Hi Nick B,

I respect the author of Nuendo and I'm actually a happy Presonus Firestudio user, but, isn't it's safe to say that the DAW market is saturated?

Let's see we have - Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Sonar, Reason, FL Studio, Ableton, MOTU, etc., etc.

... and isn't Behringer releasing a DAW also?

All these DAWs do pretty much the same thing. True, your preferred DAW might have a few features that differentiate itself from the pack but, in the end the differences are relatively small. I see nothing in the Presonus demo that differentiates itself from the pack "enough" for me to upend my entire workflow and studio set-up.

They only way I see this making a dent is if they bundle it with their hardware or offer it for a ridiculously low price.

I'll watch the reviews but, on first glance I'm underwhelmed.

03-Apr-09 11:04 AM

Kaux    Said...

DAW market is saturated, but there is always space to improve and gain terrain. See Reaper... many people left pro tools and adopted reaper.

03-Apr-09 04:48 PM

Bjarne D.    Said...

I've just returned from Frankfurt and had a little spin with this one.. Felt like a hybrid between Nuendo and Ableton, without that beeing a bad thing... :) Looking forward to this, but as long as the StudioLive don't have motorized faders I'm not going to buy it!

04-Apr-09 07:32 AM

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