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MESSE09: MPC Pad Feel, Anywhere
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Brian from USA    Said...

Hmm, looks like the old MPC16 but in black. WTF?

01-Apr-09 04:46 PM

PLUS    Said...

It's the same as the MPD 16 minus 1 bank of 16. Also, You think they could have put at least 1 knob for panning. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!

02-Apr-09 05:11 PM

sands    Said...

how about a kick drum out?

02-Apr-09 07:01 PM

moot    Said...

What date will this be available? How much will it cost?

08-Apr-09 05:51 AM

DJ from Jersey    Said...

lmao! yeah it is a MPD 16. who in there right mind would purchase this, when Akai has better pad controllers available? If Numark/Akai is smart they would price this unit in the Korg's nanopad range.

09-Apr-09 09:06 AM

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