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MESSE09: Akai Pro's First Synth
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I Don't Like Music    Said...

A rebranded micron. Big whoop.

01-Apr-09 01:03 PM

Alfie    Said...


Seriously, I doubt this is even going to sound as good as Reason's 8 year old Substractor.

Pitting this little sh*tty synth against Omnisphere, Massive or the TI Virus would just be hilarious.

Well done Akai, for another excruciatingly boring and underpowered synth.

I really do hope that DAWs like Ableton and Cubase can kill off the MPC once and for all.

01-Apr-09 01:10 PM

Brian from USA    Said...

Sorry, Akai might say it's their first synth but that only means they forgot about their AX series analog synths from the 1980s.

First digital or first VA, OK.

01-Apr-09 01:14 PM

FunkyPunk    Said...

It's not Akais first synth. Akai has made a number of synths, although not recently.

01-Apr-09 01:14 PM

Marc    Said...

Hmmm... I guess that VX90 I have doesn't really exist. Oh, I get it, it's April fools!

01-Apr-09 01:52 PM

DBM    Said...

Well its Akai pro's 1st synth since they were restructured under numark ...... It looks to be the ion engine (2x) so it will sound better than subtractor . I wonder if this means Alesis are out of the synth game ?

01-Apr-09 04:34 PM

Failed Muso    Said...

The description here and on Akai's website has been misquoted and differs from the official press release which uses the correct punctuation to state the following:

"The MINIAK is the first synthesizer from Akai Professional developed in partnership with the world-renowned Alesis synthesis team."

So no, it's not Akai's first synth, but their first one developed with Alesis (same company pretty much) and not the first real collaboration as the VA synth on the MPC5000 is a variation on that found in the Alesis Fusion.

As for the detractors, have you heard this synth yet? Do you know the price point? Have you compared architectures?

Simple answer: No.

Say what you like, but this will be a highly affordable and powerful little synth, and will sell by the bucket full. When Omnisphere and Massive require updating or become redundant due to OS changes and demand more financial outlay, this thing will still be there, at the flick of a switch, churning out quality sounds. Comparing it to a Virus is just feckin' ignorant.

As for DAW's killing off the MPC, seriously, I'll have some of what you're smoking.

01-Apr-09 05:03 PM

dj_sheldon    Said...

i cant wait to hear the vocoder... im not impressed with korgs maybe this will be a good affordable altenative !!

01-Apr-09 06:47 PM

w    Said...

ps can someone post a video looking everywhere and cant find any more info ...

01-Apr-09 08:32 PM

MPS    Said...

Yo Muso, Here we go again eh?

02-Apr-09 12:26 AM

eXode    Said...

Why oh why didn't they supply an USB connection as an alternative for MIDI?

Complement this with a VSTi editor!

02-Apr-09 01:21 AM

Ted    Said...

True, it's a reskinned Micron - probably does not even address the Ion/Micron's AMP click/squeak problem. Even the Inputs/Outputs reflect a very 2003 spec. (No USB) Still, I might want one anyway. The Micron/Ion engine sounded really great and the hi-res modeled filters behaved very analog.

02-Apr-09 10:12 AM

Nick B    Said...

Folks, videos should be with you tomorrow, we have been travelling tonight

02-Apr-09 05:32 PM

Glenn    Said...

Another 3 octave keyboard synth. Where's the rack version?! Why not throw it in a rack and sell it for $199?

10-Apr-09 11:33 PM

Al Bandus    Said...

I'm sure this is Alesis Micron with a new look and a new name. The synth-engine is the same like Micron.

01-May-09 07:08 AM

Long Tube    Said...

Dj sheldon you don't need to wait because this Toy has the same engine, sound and vocoder as Alesis Micron since many years.

07-May-09 07:32 PM


digital workstations like ableton and reason will never kill the mpc legacy akai and roger linn ar the shit bro- the fact that ur saying this is funny to me= yes the virus would prolly destroy it/ and a number of other synths as well- BUTT daws wil never take the place of the mpc . sorry but thats the way it is! thats the classic sound and only pl who dun know much about music would say shit like that! anywhoo jus my opinon but have a goodone member hip hop is sampling if u wanna check some of my shit out

18-Jul-09 10:54 AM

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