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MESSE09: New Novation MIDI Controller
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CV!    Said...

I wonder if they'll as unreliable and cheaply made as the previous version, that was thew worst purchase I ever made.

01-Apr-09 07:45 AM

Matt    Said...

My ReMOTE SL has been the best thing I have ever owned. I Want this NOW!!

01-Apr-09 01:18 PM

Eric    Said...

I hope they got the keybed sorted out. I got two different Remote SL61s from Nova Musik before I gave up. The keys just weren't mounted properly - the black keys slammed up against the top panel when released. Ugh. My old remote 49 is still the best feeling controller I've ever used. Wanted to love the SL. Hope this one's better.

01-Apr-09 07:56 PM

SL USER 2345678    Said...

How about in BLACK ?

01-Apr-09 10:12 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I know some kind of reading of the PDFs might have been a obvious first step, but I gave up on my old ReMote Zero because the automap didn't seem to work (it certainly wasn't automatic, anyway). Maybe this next generation will do what it says it'll do..

02-Apr-09 07:17 AM

dv8    Said...

Years later, I'm still in love with my Remote SL and NI's Kore. When it comes to hands on control, this setup works best for me, and I've been through a number of controllers. I loved the SL so much I bought a second one (25 key & 61 key).

02-Apr-09 09:17 PM

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