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Prosoniq Discontinues Windows Products
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GOD    Said...

Bit of a cop-out, don't ya think?


26-Mar-09 09:42 AM

tony    Said...

Dear Prosoniq:

lick my nuts.

26-Mar-09 09:59 AM

Bod    Said...

Software piracy happens on Macs too..

I haven't used any of their software, but if their Windows sales have been virtually non-existent in 2008 then maybe that's because their products aren't attractive or good enough, or maybe too expensive?

26-Mar-09 10:27 AM

MCal    Said...

Or maybe Apple are buying them to beef up Logic's processing?

26-Mar-09 10:37 AM

CV!    Said...

I think it is a cop-out, I thought they were out of business, since the the 90s.

Who comes out with a 10th anniversary edition plug-in? That's a totally lame marketing plot that probably wasn't very effective.

26-Mar-09 04:16 PM

Jojo    Said...

-product sales in 2008 have been virtually nonexistent

Never even heard of prosoniq until today.

26-Mar-09 07:57 PM

celebr8    Said...

Obviously they did not withstand the competition. Surely they have some innovative plugins (Magenta), but so do a 100 other devs, and for cheap. Orange Vocoder was innovative maybe 10 years back. Leaving Windows won't make the cracks disappear.

27-Mar-09 12:10 AM

Jp8    Said...

"we hope to encourage our Windows users to consider using them on a Mac when they are ready".

What a load of shit like people are going to go Mac just to use their lame arse product.

27-Mar-09 08:18 AM

iole    Said...

would be right that the authorities undertake to repay the money to the windows user who bought plugins Prosoniq . For sure in this way some companies will do less of these maneuvers ! Adios !!

27-Mar-09 12:24 PM

XVC    Said...

You people a pretty funny. If their sales are insufficient on the Windows side they cancel Windows production. Simple. This is economics. They are not there to spend time and money developing something that doesn't sell so you morons can't rant about products you don't even own.

28-Mar-09 12:12 PM

Taxidermy    Said...

XVC. People aren't complaining about the fact that they are discontinuing Windows distribution and support. They are complaining because they are discontinuing it and blaming it on piracy.

A lot of people mentioned they hadn't heard of them before. If they made outstanding plugins (or marketed themselves as fervously as their competition), then most of these people probably would have heard of them. And their Windows sales would probably be up and they wouldn't need to skapegoat it on piracy.

30-Mar-09 04:53 PM

Brian from USA    Said...


I get your point but I have no reason to believe that their statement about piracy isn't genuine.

I'm amazed at all the negative reactions, it's just a press release telling their Windows customers that support is being dropped. It's hardly a pro-Mac jihad announcement.

01-Apr-09 01:27 PM

Pat    Said...

As far as I'm aware Prosoniq haven't been properly active on the Windows side of things for several years now (if I'm wrong then it only goes to show how bad of a bad job they've been doing at promoting new products).

The last I'd heard of them they had announced Orange Vocoder 3, but it never did ship AFAIK. Anybody who is relatively new to the Windows VST market will almost certainly have never heard of them as a company..

To effectively abandon the Windows platform for several years and then suddenly announce they won't develop for it any more, due to poor sales, is a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy, is it not?

If you don't make any improvements to products that are now 7 and 8 years old, then can you be surprised that nobody will buy them? Piracy might not be totally blameless in such scenarios. But, in this particular case, it definitely smacks of the developer trying to shift all blame onto piracy when the reality is their own support for Windows has been utterly pathetic for many years.

03-Apr-09 08:18 PM

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