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Podcast: Sonic TALK123 - Just Plain Wrong
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L56    Said...

Going to messe myself next week so thanks for warming me up!

But please, stop saying Schneiders buwero. Even in German it sounds more like bjuurow. It's not Spanish for pete's sake! :)

Let's practise one last time: scheinders bjuurow ;)

Keep up the great Podcasts!

26-Mar-09 05:07 PM

Howard S.    Said...

The HR16 player is "David Haynes" (I played a gig or two with him in the 90s, regular drum kit)

26-Mar-09 05:26 PM

Nick B    Said...

L56, okay I promise - but I'm sure I heard it that way from Andreas himself - or maybe I imagined it..

26-Mar-09 05:44 PM

Velocipede    Said...

A5 iPhone! Yes!

27-Mar-09 02:31 AM

asiohead    Said...

Great episode guys ! Shoutcast seemed to keep it together.

Anywayz, here's a cool vid for you to enjoy .. a different kind of 'proud dad showing off kid' video :)

Aphex Twin’s daughter maybe … haha



27-Mar-09 08:46 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great podcast again, good luck at Messe! I hope there's some cool new stuff being released. Good to hear that shoutcast worked out too.

27-Mar-09 09:30 AM

Dan A.    Said...

Shoutcast forever! Great move Nick. Looking forward to your Messe coverage.

Asio > here's my current favorite YouTube vid:

Synthpop's Alive

27-Mar-09 09:09 PM

Derek    Said...

Pssst! When are we going to see the rest of that fantastic portable audio recorder review series? Not that you don't already have your hands full with Messe coverage...

31-Mar-09 12:27 AM

Howard S    Said...

That HR16 drummer playing a Korg Microthingy (?) instead of the usual Alesis:

01-Apr-09 03:59 PM

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