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New Audio Workstation From Rain Recording
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S R Dhain    Said...

ive seen and heard nothing but good things about rain machines. They're pricey on the surface, but for pc lovers- like myself and millions of others- theyre one of the most STABLE and robust packages out there. Yes, macs are amazing out of the box for audio, but maybe if youre from an IT background like me, its a "whole new world" to contend with. A very pricey world when things go wrong.

18-Mar-09 06:39 AM

loneraver    Said...

I just wish they'd stop sending me email ads. I've tried to unsubscribe but the button never works.

18-Mar-09 10:52 PM

DocOc    Said...

S R Dhain - My friend actually has their Solstice and likes it a lot.

loneraver - I had problems unsubscribing before too, but you can contact them and let them know. They took care of it right away for me. I just get too much email as it is.

22-Mar-09 10:28 PM

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