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Podcast: Sonic TALK121 - My Singer Was Hypnotized
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RedWalks    Said...

If for anyone the photosounder link didn`t work pls try :

Cya,Red !

12-Mar-09 09:37 AM

Nick B    Said...

Red, link should be fixed now.

12-Mar-09 11:34 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Cool podcast; as usual I really liked the music annecdotes, or in this case the 'what do you hate about your job' section. And to repeat my last weeks comment: you really should do something extra in podcast 125 - its way better than 150 since it's 5 x 5 x 5! :-) Maybe you could try and have a video podcast again?

12-Mar-09 03:38 PM

noetic    Said...

hey i like the podcast a lot...listen every week. thanks guys.

i know pj mentioned metasynth in the photosounder topic, but i think it deserves a bigger spotlight. metasynth has been performing exactly that kind of audio processing in the visual domain for over a decade (as i was introduced to it in late 1998-early '99). i'm pretty sure eric persing of spectrasonics is an avid user.

anyway, all the best.

oh, i love prince, my wife loves it's a natural combination.

13-Mar-09 01:28 PM

anon    Said...

Photosounder is also available for 25 euros by the way..

13-Mar-09 02:55 PM

KC    Said...

Did anyone catch the other Plug that Mark mentioned - something about fire.


15-Mar-09 03:24 PM

P.J. Tracy    Said...


The plugs Mark mentioned are those made by Smartelectronix.

Fire and Livecut are great FX, and are free for Mac and PC.

16-Mar-09 08:27 AM

ResJohnny    Said...

Aphex Twin hid his image in a track....

17-Mar-09 08:22 AM

kc    Said...

Thanks P.J.

Nice to have you back from your vacation - enjoyed the show.


17-Mar-09 11:16 AM

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