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Podcast: Sonic TALK120 - All Aboard the Loveboat
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Well, I really enjoyed the show again! Any special plans for show 125?

05-Mar-09 03:24 PM

Nick B    Said...

Marc, glad you did - no special plans - maybe 150 we might!

05-Mar-09 03:56 PM

DBM    Said...

Regarding FW800 ...It is backwards compatible with 400 just get a cable with a 800 end and 400 end .

06-Mar-09 02:37 AM

CV!    Said...

I've been listening since podcast 41, and even went back to listen to all the previous ones, I wish youd did 2 a week! I noticed this week that Rich's voice and accent remind me a lot of Arthur Baker, see "The Shape of Things That Hum - Roland TR-808" video mon youtube for an example.

07-Mar-09 11:05 PM

DPtronics    Said...

Tony Levin used a Moog Source with King Crimson on the Three of a Perfect Pair Tour. I had one for a while but it would over heat or something. When I moved from Southern California to Washington State it work great in the basement where it was cooler.

11-Mar-09 04:43 AM

hiltonius    Said...

@CV - hopefully it's not the lawn guyland accent i struggle mightily to hide

@DPtronics - i guess that's what they mean when they refer to "underground synths"

11-Mar-09 07:46 AM

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