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The Fastest Mac Ever
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Not Mac    Said...

I cant see where the processors are better, 2.26gHz is a slower clock speed than the previous 8 core no? Am I missing something really important?

03-Mar-09 04:33 PM

dok whammo    Said...

they are based on the new intel i7 cpu design.. it has completely new way of accessing RAM - there is no system bus, the CPU has a direct pipeline to RAM - which is now triple channel (meaning you use 3 sticks at once) DDR3 running at 1ghz

its faster. much faster. trust me!

03-Mar-09 05:45 PM

Al Fresco    Said...

Clock speed does not dictate faster any more. In the same way a P4 3Ghz CPU is much slower than a current 2Ghz CPU.

As Dok mentioned its about the new architecture allowing faster movement of information from the CPU to RAM.

Also can I have a little rant, I am a huge MAC fan but the quote 'THE FASTEST MAC EVER' oh please come on is that not stating the obvious? and anyway speed isn't everything. I also think overall its been a lousy update to the range. I am so glad I bought a Macbook Pro instead of waiting for a quad core iMac.

04-Mar-09 03:47 AM

flux302    Said...

yeah I'm super happy wiht my mac book pro 2.4 ghz that i got right b4 they made the jump to the aluminum ones. can't belive they are phasing out fw400 like that (I guess you can jsut hook an adapter to the 800 though right?)

12-Mar-09 08:52 PM

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