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Podcast: Sonic TALK119 - Limo To Tijuana
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DJ Ze MigL    Said...

I'm a regular listener to the podcast since the very first shows. It keeps me informed and gives me a great different views on so many different technology related topics that it's always good fun to hear. Also I co-own an equipment show that only sells DJ/ Studio gear (no acoustic instruments) so it is quite important to stay on top of information. (photos - )

So I just wanted to spread the luv 4 the show and the sonicstate work. This Messe I will muster the courage to show up (will b there on business) and congratulate in person.

Anyway just wanted to bring the d16 ( ) products to your attention plus also the technobox iphone/ipod Touch app to your attention.. I know you guys are quite tired of the Roland xox range but these products really rock and are and excellent alternative to the originals!

it's a totally gratuitous plug as we don't sell these at my shop lol.

Kindest regards from Lisbon, Portugal,

Miguel Silva aka DJ Ze MigL (

26-Feb-09 05:37 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great show again - the annecdotes are once again very funny. More of these! :-)

27-Feb-09 02:38 PM

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