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Apogee Discontinues Windows Development
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Artemiy Pavlov    Said...

Oh, thanks God! :-)

23-Feb-09 12:56 PM

Klemen    Said...


23-Feb-09 01:10 PM

JanM    Said...

Hooray for less choice and vendor lock-in! A wise business decision for sure, especially considering the strong commitment Apple showed to its pro audio segment in recent years. Way to go, Apogee. Perhaps you'd like to limit your PSUs to 110V next? Just, you know, because?

23-Feb-09 03:05 PM

Apogee, filligree, pedigree    Said...

Yeah JanM - I'm with you, are they aligning for an Apple buyout or something?

Perhaps they can't raise enough cash from their incredibly expensive stuff to continue to support - or maybe they think that all windows users deserve are crapy Creative Labs soundcards, and this decision will somehow persuade PC users to jump, after all, you'll be able to use it on a Mac running bootcamp right? Oh wait, d'oh....

23-Feb-09 03:40 PM

Styler    Said...

Just give up on an outdated outclassed outperformed work environment. Should I say play environment. Apple is and has been the work horses of choice for professionals longer than I have been doing this. Apogee has made a wise choice. If you have a problem hook it up to your creative labs card's digi I/O and stop whining. While you figure it out me and my macs will be working.

23-Feb-09 08:06 PM

Paul    Said...

The same Apple paw ....

24-Feb-09 06:45 AM

MicroSlapped    Said...


25-Feb-09 07:31 AM

flux302    Said...

whats the point in giving this a hurrah or a "suck it" I mean really? thats like say yeah! crayola is only gonna make the thin crayons instead of both thin and fat ones.... pointless. I'm sure they have their reasons but if it doesn't effect you than why bother bashing someones chosen platform? p.s. I am a mac man. so I guess i don't have to suck it. but still. that comment is lame.

12-Mar-09 08:44 PM

daniuson    Said...

I have 3 rock solid hackintosh systems dual boot xp and snow leopard, mac it's just a fancy and beautiful pc

13-Jul-10 02:19 AM

Rodney    Said...

Fuck apogee this is a free country why restrict they buyers

15-Jun-14 02:33 AM

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