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Solaris Prototype Demo Sounds
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Wondering    Said...

nothing special so far I guess

24-Feb-09 03:20 AM

Wandering    Said...

yup, nothing special ever

25-Feb-09 07:48 PM

TeknoWiz    Said...

oh big deal I can do that with vsti and my laptop in like 5 minutes.

26-Feb-09 08:10 PM

Sammy    Said...

I think that if you look deep into the sound, you will hear something special. I like the overtones generated in the big pad in the background.

I have also seen and heard John playing a prototype in a video, released about a year ago. Some of the things that he was doing was actually impressive.

The only problem that I personally have with this is that it is yet another steel box for me to have to blow upwards of $4,000 dollars on, and get what -- 32 voices of polyphony spread out across four multi-timbral parts?

For that kind of money, I could buy Nuendo, Omnisphere, and Celemony Melodyne 3 -- and still have enough money to upgrade my computer and buy a nice control surface. Thanks -- but no thanks.


01-Mar-09 09:09 PM

Sammy    Said...

And if you are still interested, here are two more videos that I dug up via YouTube. Personally, I like #4 the best. The orchestral sounds there are at least fun to listen to, although he still isn't, you know, breaking any world records here... (Demo #3) (Demo #4)

I suspect that maybe if he had done this about ten years ago, people would be freaking out. The rise of software and the current economic crisis all probably spell doom for this synth.


01-Mar-09 09:19 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

To provide an alternate slant vis a vis hardware synths right now, Ive just found out that alesis are shipping out the ANDROMEDA yet again. Its available for a wallet busting 2500 pounds or 3000 dollars right now NEW. In a similar vein, you have the alesis ION, which is one of the most underrated VA's imho, and prices for those are now starting to creep up as well. The raitonale here is probably that people DO actually want a lot more control over sound in REAL TIME, without hooking up a control surface, booting up and spending good $$ or ££ on a lappy or pc AND the software in the bargain. They want dedicated hardware, cause dedicated hardware does what it says on the tin AND has resale value.

Now i'll just carry on looking for a good XPANDER yet again..

04-Mar-09 12:13 PM

I Love Analogue    Said...

People need to understand that there is such a thing as a Boutique Synthesizer in 2009. I think it's a beautiful instrument, and there are people that would rather make music and touch a gorgeous control surface. Please stop the hate and understand that there are a lot of musicians that have been craving this synth and can afford to drop the change on it.

11-Mar-09 05:16 PM

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