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Podcast: Sonic TALK118 - Michael Jacksons Swarovski Socks
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Greg    Said...

This is a link to a 60 Minutes profile on Kenny Chesney from about 2 years ago. I don't know how big 60 Minutes (the TV news magazine) is in the UK or if you even receive it on any channel. This is just FYI. I don't know why 60 Minutes chooses who they do in their celebrity profiles but, of course, they only do the big ones. I was not a fan of Kenny before this and it didn't make me a fan afterwards. I'm not a hater of him but he just does nothing for me.

I found the general theme on big concerts and the money interesting. If you could do maybe 5 minutes in a future podcast on the economics of a tour in a spreadsheet/nerdy way I'd find that somewhat interesting.

19-Feb-09 11:21 AM

Nick B    Said...

Greg, thanks for that - I'll see if I can find a tour manager to chip in on that, it would make for interesting listening I think.

19-Feb-09 11:24 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Really enjoyed the podcast again, also cool to be in the live chatroom again, even if I missed the first part of the show...

19-Feb-09 06:40 PM

Matt_C    Said...

After that discussion about 3D stuff I had the binaural album Tchad Blake recorded in Zimbabwe come up on iTunes. It's on Real World records, so I guess you could ask nicely for a copy next time you are over there Nick :)

Well worth checking out if you are into that kind of thing - it sounds really immersive on headphones.

21-Feb-09 07:23 AM

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