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Interview: Ernst Nathorst-Böös Propellerheads CEO
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Flanders    Said...

Interesting interview, but what about the future?

19-Feb-09 02:31 PM

Simon Sherbourne    Said...

Ernst is a class act. One of the nicest guys in the industry. I can't wait to see what the Props do next.

20-Feb-09 05:03 AM

Nick B    Said...

Good point Flanders, it wasnt really explicit on the future, but he did say Reason has a long way to go before it becomes to unwieldy ?

I guess that was it

23-Feb-09 04:48 AM

Computer Music Live    Said...

I haven't used Reason since Reaktor 5 was released.

Check out Computer Music Live / Citrusonic Podcast on iTunes

01-Mar-09 01:37 PM

Jimmy    Said...

Ernst is very cool indeed but the truth is that Reason hasn't progress as almost every other software or DAW did in the music market!

10 years pass since its birth and still hasn't audio recording or VST support!

Reason's effects are almost basic if not a joke compare to what is out today!

Recycle hasn't change also and I think its one of the few reason that Reason is slowly dying! Refusing to add wav manipulation inside Reason is quite suicidal!

27-Mar-09 11:49 AM

Peter    Said...

Ha ha… the best part of the interview 1:39 “but recycle is discontinued now…� Ernst: No, No… its still holding on� . Ha ha… very funny!! People are don’t give a dime about recycle & Propellerheads are still proud for it!

I mean so many sequencers are providing basic loop slicing as standard, while others surpass recycle! Who needs recycle???

27-Mar-09 05:23 PM

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