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SNAMM02: Korg Wow With Kaoss Pad 2
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Miho    Said...

I plan on releasing a how-to, ctplmeoe with schematics, parts list, step-by-step, etc. However, I want to make sure the how-to, firmware, and serial program are all perfect beforehand, so it will probably be a few weeks.Also, I will be selling kits and ctplmeoed devices. If you are interested in either, please send me an or respond to this post. I'm trying to get an idea of how many to make for the first batch.Thanks for your interest :]

27-Nov-12 04:42 PM

xxqonoohvc    Said...

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29-Nov-12 11:34 PM

sjqcfxcgdv    Said...

xRirCo , [url=]crizornqbjue[/url], [link=]gabojhsyuvvz[/link],

01-Dec-12 12:56 PM

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