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Podcast: Sonic TALK117 - The Rise Of The Throat Flickers
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Matt C    Said...

Just had a look at the article from TIME - did you see the thing about T-Pain and Antares working on an Autotune app for the iPhone?

Once we get to the point that everyone can do it, I think we'll get bored with it - like Phasers in the 70s.

12-Feb-09 07:58 AM

Nick B    Said...

From Tim via Email:


Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your insight on my "Classic Hits by Microsoft Songsmith" series on Wednesday's show. I only wish I'd been aware of it ahead of time to be able to jump into the chat room. Regardless, you might be curious to know that I export the MIDI that Songsmith creates and import it into Logic where I use various samplers, including Kontakt 3, to try and make the output barely... human. As you can see, it fails, and that's a commentary on how robotic the MIDI that Songsmith produces really is.

12-Feb-09 10:09 AM

Hans-Jörg Scheffler    Said...

Thanks for mentioning my clips and website!

best Hans Scheffler

12-Feb-09 04:56 PM

Dan A    Said...

Tomita, Kitaro, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, and Tangerine Dream all enjoyed a tremendous boost or a complete second life when CDs were introduced in the mid 80s. Electronic music was easy to transfer to CD as it didn't require much in the way of remastering. That plus the New Age music movement allowed them to reach a whole new listening audience.

Some other early pioneers of synthesizer music: Mort Garson (Black Mass Lucifer,) Gershon Kingsley (Popcorn,) Giorgio Moroder (Son of My Father,) Hugo Montenegro (Moog Power,) and Klaus Doldinger of Passport. (Passports mid 70s Cross-Collateral is one helluva Minimoog jam!)

There is a nice YouTube page devoted to early synthpop including Chicory Tips version of Son of My Father.

Synthpop Playlist: Son of My Father:

13-Feb-09 01:27 PM

Dan A    Said...

Let me try those links again:

13-Feb-09 01:31 PM

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