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On The Road: Howard Jones - The Setup
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Brian from USA    Said...

Whole show on one MacBook! Well it keeps the cost of touring way down, important these days, eh?

11-Feb-09 08:41 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah, looks like it - impressively well organized. And live input processing too, nice.

11-Feb-09 09:23 AM

zvukoprocessor    Said...

this is quite simple, we were using Live for sequencing hardware midi synths + mixing it and processing + live vocal processing + electric guitars processing + multitracking all of it. stereo to the front of house. the only thing we didn't do is set up separate monitor sends from ableton, just wide stereo monitoring on stage, a bit limiting, but sounds like a record (quality, not the performance) The latency wasn’t a problem (128) and we played down tempo or drum less music most of the time. All this on IBM ThinkPad z60m 2gHz centrino with 2 GB ram. Excellent series.

11-Feb-09 11:15 AM

selercs    Said...

what happened to the Roland Fantom G???

11-Feb-09 11:55 AM

Nick B    Said...

Fantom G still used by Howard for the synth stuff

@zvuk - what sound card were you using in your setup?

11-Feb-09 12:52 PM

groggy    Said...

wow, amazing! The whole gig off a little laptop!

So what happens if it crahses... any redundancy built in? Is there a spare laptop if someone spills beer/tea on it?

How do you keep the leads from being accidentally pulled out?

Is there a UPS for the system?

11-Feb-09 04:35 PM

Nick B    Said...

Aparently it is rock solid. Would like to know what OS and version of Live it is..

MOTU stuff is pretty rock solid from my experience.

Power - the whole thing appears to run off the bus power, so it's all going to be okay for a bit on the lappy battery I guess.

11-Feb-09 04:38 PM

selercs    Said...

good sounds, but real analog synth like prophet 08, andromeda could have added a little more retro flavor. his new gig sounds so digital.

11-Feb-09 06:45 PM

Nick B    Said...

You maybe right, but I magine shipping that lot to Australia would have been impossible.

Also I'm pretty sure he was alwasy a Roland synth user

12-Feb-09 01:10 AM

zvukoprocessor    Said...

"@zvuk - what sound card were you using in your setup?"

RME Fireface 800

12-Feb-09 05:21 AM

madmax    Said...

"Also I'm pretty sure he was alwasy a Roland synth user"

I saw footage of him performing(or tv miming) New Song on Yt, and he was using 2 Moogs.

12-Feb-09 04:56 PM

Russ    Said...

I think he may need to clean his camera lens next time!!!

14-Feb-09 01:48 PM

Flanders    Said...

Impressing setup, but why don't just burn the whole thing to a CD and Howard could save even more money.

BTW, someone said it is so expensive to bring all equipment to Australia. Don't they have instruments there?

He must be short on money, because I think he have stolen Dame Ednas glasses. :)

Howard Jones, my hero. I hope he will come to Sweden soon.

20-Feb-09 06:14 PM

Scott Kinnebrew, Ausitn, TX    Said...

It's a great setup, very much like the one I use for Shuttle Debris. I'm set up with a Apple Running Ableton, and my controllers are an Oxygen 8 (Or Radium 61 dependent on space) a UC-33, and a Korg MicroKontrol. My interface is a Firewire 1814, and we run vocals into it as well. It makes everything super simple, and the end product is flawless.

23-Feb-09 04:20 PM

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