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Podcast: Sonic TALK116 - Difference Between Dated and Classic?
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Regarding the show sponsoring: The Fantom G does *NOT* have a touchscreen.

It's not even the ultimate workstation, but I understand Roland makes you say that :-)

Other than that, thouroughly enjoy your podcasts!

05-Feb-09 03:58 PM

Dan A.    Said...

Dated vs Classic - it just depends on when and where it's used.

The Yamaha DX-7 can still sound cool if it's approached with fresh ears - even on the epiano patch. However, if it's used in the typical Jessica/Christina/Jennifer mix, it's going to sound dated.

06-Feb-09 12:35 AM

DBM    Said...

Dave - TRY the older Tascam us2400 they are older and I have no Idea of driver dev , but ah there you have it .

06-Feb-09 02:32 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Cool show again. Maybe it's indeed the musical context that determines what is dated - that, and of course the preferences of the listener. It's very much a subjective issue.

06-Feb-09 06:32 AM

Saxon    Said...

Rich you have to release "Roll Out the Barrel" to all use Sonic State listeners!! It would be cruel not to!

PJ I am with you about the Indamix. Let me know when they release a 19 inch plus version at the same price point!

Nick, your coverage of NAMM was nothing short of spectacular. How do you do it? If there are awards for this type of reporting you will win hands down.


06-Feb-09 11:34 AM

U-Franklin    Said...

I think technology is the most obvious factor in what makes a song sound dated. The sound of a DX7, a D-50, an old Mini Pops drum machine, and even a wah-wah pedal reveal the time period in which the music was produced, more so for popular music where producers tend to rely on gimmicks to sell records (like the horrid use of auto-tune in recent years). To me, instruments like the guitar, piano, and trumpet are timeless because they are (almost) never updated with new revisions and the fundamentals of their sound never change.

17-Feb-09 11:15 PM

Nulldevice    Said...

Sadly, that $10 Indian laptop was revealed to be a complete dud. It's not nearly as capable as the One Laptop Per Child $100 product - I guess it s not even a laptop, it's basically a small USB drive.

18-Feb-09 09:33 AM

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