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WNAMM09: V-Piano Soundfiles Uploaded
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Steve Hickman    Said...

Am I the only person that thinks it sounds very "thin"? Like a decent sounding piano with a HPF at 500Hz? If the V-Piano were a plugin, I think I'd prefer the sound of the $59 UVI Acoustic Piano.

03-Feb-09 01:09 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I initially thought this thing was awesome based on watching the video.

Listening to the thing closer & in higher res, I do see what Mark Tinley was referring to in last weeks Podcast about it having a 'metallic sound'.

Its a little too perfect, just like the original analog synth emulation VSTi when they first appeared.

A good model piano needs to take into account how the actual piano mechanism sound varies from note to note as it wears & interacts (not just the actual string), and how repeating a note before its sound has totally decayed causes subtle timbral shifts & harmonic interactions. I don't think Roland have it nailed yet, but its getting pretty close.

03-Feb-09 07:49 PM

CM    Said...

Thanks for the sound files, but the "Silver strings" link doesn't seem to be working.

21-Feb-09 09:30 PM

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