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WNAMM09: XMOS Chip - The Future Of Audio?
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MrDrums    Said...

Amazing technology indeed.

Thanks again Nick, your whole coverage of NAMM'09 is impeccable.

30-Jan-09 05:23 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

this is great and a boon, but firewire will take at least another 5 years and then of course, USB3 is just around the corner..

Still, it's great to see some healthy competition :-D

01-Feb-09 02:58 PM

speedg    Said...

Given that Apple dropped firewire from the new macbooks I'd say its future is already starting to look a little flakey.

01-Feb-09 04:39 PM

selercs    Said...

good technology, but seriously xmos is scary! cmos would still be the standard as i don't think any manufacturer would want users to modify the algorithms they programmed!

i wonder who would use these reprogrammable chips - perhaps beta testing groups, manufacturer collaborations,e tc.

02-Feb-09 06:47 PM

Flux302orvmb    Said...

this tech right here makes my brain hurt. lol

09-Feb-09 07:36 PM

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