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WNAMM09: Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard and Largo Vi
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The Guvnor    Said...

The Largo looks great. I don't think I believe that it is coming in '30-60 days' though, if it all there is on the website is the spec sheet & no sound demos :O(

Anyone else out there have more information?

30-Jan-09 08:31 AM

Ted    Said...

Any word on when Waldorf is releasing the Goldfinger? It's rumored to be the first all-analog poly synth that "models" digital wavetables via analog FM.

30-Jan-09 12:36 PM

dok whammo    Said...

oh thats already out - i got one here on my desk

it also makes coffee and fetches your slippers

30-Jan-09 05:56 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I bet it weighs a ton - it's the same indestructible adamantium top-plate as on the desktop model.

Fargo was a great movie. You don't hear that funny accent much in American cinema, which I think is a rare miss, those guys are really wasting one of their most valuable assets. You know that suitcase is really out there somewhere, buried to this day?

05-Apr-09 11:51 AM

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